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Complementary passenger and visitors services

Bilbao Airport has a series of complementary services in the terminals that facilitate the stay for passengers, their companions and visitors.

Some of these services are priced, and also some of these services may only be available to passengers and not to the general public, as they are located in the boarding area.

Please note that some of these services do not work 24 hours a day, or they may be temporarily disabled during the winter season, or for maintenance or other causes. Ask by phone if you have questions about the exact location or the schedule.

During the return to normality, the availability and hours of the shops, restaurants and complimentary services of the airport may be altered.
Airport information

902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00
Passenger Terminal level 1, baggage claim hall.
Passenger Terminal level 3, Departures hall.

Tourist information

Oficina de Turismo:
Passenger Terminal level 1, Arrivals hall.

Car hire

Get all the information about the car rental companies at the airport of Bilbao (office location in terminals, opening hours, current promotions), in the Bilbao airport car hire section.


Passenger Terminal: Euronet, level 1, Arrivals hall.
Euro6000 (Kutxabank), level 3, Departures hall.
Servired (Bankia), level 3, Departures hall.
Servired (BBVA), level 3, Departures hall.

Baggage wrapping

Baggage wrapping machine are next to the check-in counters, at Departures areas. To get this service, leave your baggage to the Safebag staff. You must inform the staff if you don't want the wrapping machine covers the baggage wheels and handle.

Passenger Terminal level 3, check-in area.

Children's play area

Passenger Terminal level 1, Arrivals hall.


Airport Tax agency: Administración de Aduanas de la Agencia Tributaria
Passenger Terminal level 0.
(+34) 944 710 601.


The airport has in its facilities 8 Cardio Rescue points (defibrillators) equipped with AED (Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator), and strategically located, ready for use in possible emergencies.

Passenger terminal, on each floor, public areas Departures and Arrivals hall, and in exclusive areas for passengers (boarding area and baggage claim hall).

Internet - Wi fi and public access devices

You can find all the information about Bilbao airport internet public access devices, Wi fi and how to connect in the Internet public device access and free Wi fi section.

Left luggage office

Currently Bilbao airport doesn't have Left luggage office.

Lost & Found

Free service provided for lost property at the airport.
For lost objects in the aircraft, contact your airline company.

Passenger Terminal level 3, Departures hall.
(+34) 944 869 661
Please to consult.
Lost property claim form (in Spanish).

Meeting point

Passenger Terminal level 3, Departures hall.

People with reduced mobility (PMR) airport meeting points

You can find all these airport meeting points at people with reduced mobility section.

Lost luggage

Services to resolve incidents with checked baggage. Baggage management companies at Bilbao airport:


Lost luggage: (+34) 944 869 801
Baggage claim hall, level 1.


Lost luggage: (+34) 901 111 342
Baggage claim hall, level 1.

Post office

Mailbox: passenger Terminal level 3, Departures hall.

Restoration: restaurants and cafeterias

Bilbao airport has a restoration service (bar and coffee) in the public areas and in the exclusive area for passengers at the passsenger Terminal. The boarding area also has restaurants.

Security personel
Civil Guard

Immigration affairs and weapons inspection.
Passenger Terminal level 0.
(+34) 944 532 530.

Ertzaintza (Police)

Airport security.
Passenger Terminal level 3, Departures hall.
(+34) 944 869 889.

National Police (Policia Nacional)

Immigration affairs, passport controls, and airport security.
(+34) 944 869 915.

Shops / Shopping area

Bilbao airport has a shopping area with Duty Free and and gifts and fashion & accessories shops, distributed (mainly) among the public areas and the exclusive areas for passengers in the airport terminal.

VIP Lounges

Get all locations, features and opening hours about VIP lounges at Bilbao airport.

Weapons Inspection

Please counsult Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) airport.

Working areas

Spaces equipped with tables and plugs.
Passenger Terminal level 1, Arrivals hall.
Passenger Terminal level 3, Departures hall.

Complaints and suggestions

If you think that you were not treated adequately, using any of these complementary services, please consult complaints and suggestions at