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10% discount on all Priority Pass plans

Bilbao Airport has a VIP lounge located in the boarding area reserved for passengers with Schengen and non-Schengen flights. The VIP lounge is located on the level 2 (mezzanine) of the passenger terminal, and from there you can observe the maneuvers of the aircraft on the runway while you relax and enjoy the wait before the departure of your flight.

10% on all Priority Pass plans

Passengers who have purchased First or Business Class tickets; those with VIP credit cards such as AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB, etc. or GOLD or SILVER frequent flyer cards from some airlines and Priority Pass members will have free access to the lounge, and in some cases may enter with a companion.

The Priority Pass card is also valid for 1300 other VIP lounges in other airports around the world, offering you the opportunity to enjoy these VIP conditions before boarding your flight or if you are in transit.

Bilbao VIP lounge

VIP Lounge service reestablished. Some services may not be available due to restrictions arising from COVID-19.

The Bilbao VIP lounge is reserved for passengers on Schengen and non-Schengen flights who have a Vip lounge card or holders of a Business ticket from a partner company or club cards. Access for other passengers is subjected to payment of the lounge fee.

With a capacity of up to 70 people, the room has comfortable waiting areas distributed over an area of 334m2 with disabled access and air conditioning and heating. In this lounge pets are allowed.

Owners of associated club cards enjoy the following services: Reception service, flight information, digital press, Wi-Fi, television, computers, network adapters, catering, Kosher and halal, gluten-free food, special diets, meeting room, children's area.

The Bilbao VIP lounge has restrictions on permanence. The maximum length of stay being 4 hours immediately prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight shown on the boarding pass. If the flight is delayed, the period of stay in the room may be extended depending on the delay.

Any passenger with a Priority Pass invited to enjoy this lounge.

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