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Webtrak - Monitoring of acoustic emissions

The Webtrak system allows you to track the route of the planes that take off or land at the Bilbao-Loiu airport (BIO), providing the information of the aircraft (flight number, type of aircraft and their altitude), and associating this data at the level of noise generated by the airplane, so that any user can verify whether these levels run between established legal margins, especially in towns near the airport affected by take-offs or landings.

Another feature of this system is to be able to track in real time, or through the history of its database (up to 60 days), the trajectory of the aircraft, to verify that they meet the scheduled flight path as well as established procedures.
Acoustic emissions are monitored not only in overflight areas, but also on land and especially at night, on the parking platforms of aircraft near the towns that border the airport, using a system of microphones and video cameras called SCVA (Visual and Acoustic Control System).

The Webtrack system

Among other visual data, the red colour reveals the landings and the green colour the take-offs. Airplanes whose origin or destination is not Bilbao airport, and which is not known if they land or take off, appear in amber colour.

The Webtrack system will be shown in a new window by clicking on Load Webtrak , Bilbao Airport map.

Interactive noise emission map

One of the main features of the Webtrak is to check the noise levels caused by the different aircraft, a function that it performs thanks to data provided by TMR noise monitoring terminals installed around the airport.

In an attempt to provide the inhabitants of nearby towns with reliable and transparent information on aeronautical operations and the acoustic levels they generate, AENA has made this tool available to the public..
If a flight, or a sound event, has taken place near any place of your interest, the system allows you to make a complaint to investigate its origin and monitor.

Webtrak data

The WebTrak application processes the information from the radar data and flight plans provided by the Air Traffic Control Centers and the noise data from the Noise Monitoring Terminals (TMR) located in the surrounding municipalities, showing it on cartography of the area.

This system is completely reliable, although certain data is provided for security with 30 minutes of delay. The noise levels can be checked after 24 hours and can be checked up to 60 days in its historical.

From the Webtrak application you can send a complaint or claim for the noise emitted by an aircraft that has operated at the Bilbao airport. To do this locate the ship in the application, and click on the icon of the aircraft. Select the "Complaint record" icon and fill in the information that will appear on the form.

TMR terminals - Location

The environmental control of acoustic emissions at Bilbao airport is carried out through 5 TMR terminals, 4 fixed and 1 mobile, located in the following areas:

  • TMR 01: Leioa (City Council).
  • TMR 02: Erandio (Cemetery).
  • TMR 03: Loiu (City Council).
  • TMR 04: Derio (House of Culture).
  • TMR 05: Zamudio (Public School).

If you wish to send Aena your questions or comments about this application and concerning Bilbao area, please contact Aena to