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Internet at the airport: public computers and settings for free wifi access

WiFi / Wireless Internet access at the airport

Does Bilbao airport have free wifi? Yes, there is free wifi connection at Bilbao airport provided by Aena.

Free internet access at the airport

Free internet access is provided by the company Eurona Telecom, which offers a free and basic internet connection via Wi-Fi with advertising.

The Eurona company combines this free service with the sale of premium internet access services.

How the internet connection works from Bilbao airport

Connect your device to the wireless network SSID:
Open the web browser and either request a page, will display a welcome screen from WiFI services.

It is on these public connections that it is highly recommended to use a VPN, such us CyberGhost.
If you are concerned about your privacy on the Internet, either because you connect to your online banking, or send emails with sensitive data, or wish to keep your browsing history private, a VPN will allow you to keep your browsing hidden and encrypt your passwords and private data from malicious observers.
CyberGhost also works by overriding the filters and geographic blocks of some streaming platforms.

Higher security VPN for your devices on public WiFi networks

Wifi coverage in the terminals

Wireless coverage reaches the entire airport terminal.

Other ways of internet access from Bilbao airport

Bilbao airport does not have public computers with internet connection in its free access areas. This type of connection is currently only available in the VIP lounges of the airport and under its access conditions.

Wi-Fi hotspots in Bilbao

Outside the airport, Bilbao City Council has set up a network of free wireless Internet technology (Wi-Fi) hotspots to use in any area of Bilbao for free.

How to use it:

  • Connect your device to the wireless network SSID "Bilbao" or "Bilbao WiFi".
  • At most of these WiFi hotspots you can also connect to the world university network using the WiFi network identifier (SSID) "eduroam".

For more information or incidents in the service contact: