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Bilbao airport air traffic control towerBilbao Airport (IATA code: BIO and ICAO code: LEBB) is Spanish international airport located 12 kilometers from the city of Bilbao, in the Basque Country (Bizkaia, Euskadi), being part of its facilities in the municipality of Sondika (Sondica) to the southwest, and from the municipality of Loiu (Lujua) to the northeast. It is the most important airport in the extreme north of Spain.

Bilbao Airport is also popularly known as Bilbao-Loiu Airport, as Loiu is the municipality that hosts the Passenger Terminal. It is also known as La Paloma Airport for the peculiar design of its terminal.

The airport houses the main base of the Volotea airline, and the second most important base of the Vueling airline. Its main national destinations are Madrid Airport and Barcelona Airport . Its main international destinations are the airports of the city of London, Munich and Paris.

The public schedule of the airport is from 4:45 am to 21.30 pm in summer (it is closed at night) and from 5:45 am to 22:30 pm in winter. However, it is allowed to spend the night at the airport in an area within ​​the Rent a Car area, located on floor 0 of the general parking lot or P1. Working hours in that area also end at 12:00 am, midnight (0:00h), so there are no airport staff in service although there are seats, toilets and a machine with vending products.

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